The Southeast Electricity Network Coordination Center was established in Thessaloniki

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Prima Pagina English The Southeast Electricity Network Coordination Center was established in Thessaloniki

Τhe Transmission System Operators of Greece (IPTO), Italy (TERNA SpA), Romania (Transelectrica) and Bulgaria (ESO-EAD) announce the establishment of the Southeast Electricity Network Coordination Center (“SEleNe CC”) in Thessaloniki, Greece. The four TSOs participate equally in the share capital of the new Company.

Under the European regulatory framework, SEleNe CC’s main responsibilities regarding regional network security are as follows;

 operational planning security analysis (also known as coordinated security analysis);

 outage planning coordination;

 coordinated capacity calculation;

 short- and very short-term adequacy forecasts;

 individual and common grid modelling and data set delivery.

The Board of Directors of SEleNe CC was formed in a body with the following composition:

 Ioannis Kampouris (IPTO), Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

 Angelin Tsachev (ESO-EAD), BoD member

 Enrico Maria Carlini (TERNA SpA), BoD member

 Adrian Suta (Transelectrica), BoD member .

Mr. Ioannis Kampouris, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of «SEleNe CC», stated: «The establishment of SEleNe CC is a critical step towards the closer and more efficient cooperation of the TSOs of the EU member states in SE Europe in terms of security of supply and security of the electricity networks. The expected coupling of the respective markets will be the next step in harmonizing and integrating the region into the single European electricity market with significant benefits for consumers. This development is the result of a collective effort and was made possible thanks to the coordinated actions of all TSOs. I would like to thank all those who contributed towards achieving this goal for the perseverance and courage they showed in completing this ambitious endeavor. I would also like to congratulate the members of the BoD and wish them good luck in their work. I am confident that SEleNe CC will play its key role with efficiency and transparency for the benefit of all participants, continuing and expanding the tradition of good and efficient cooperation between the TSOs in our area».

Statements by the founding TSOs

 Manos Manousakis, Chairman & CEO of IPTO (Greece) We welcome with great pleasure and satisfaction the establishment of the Southeast Electricity Network Coordination Center in Thessaloniki, as it is the culmination of many months of in-depth discussions between the neighboring TSOs. We are convinced that ΑΝΕΞAΡΤΗΤΟΣ ΔΙΑΧΕΙΡΙΣΤΗΣ ΜΕΤΑΦΟΡAΣ ΗΛΕΚΤΡΙΚHΣ ΕΝEΡΓΕΙΑΣ Α.Ε. Κωνσταντινουπόλεως 1 & Κηφισού, 104 43 Αθήνα Τ 210 519 2402 W SEleNe CC will enhance the efficiency of the operation of the electricity market in the region and will contribute to its faster and more efficient consolidation at European and regional level. However, our ambition for SEleNe CC does not stop here. Our target is to attract more TSOs to the new Company in order to expand and strengthen its scope for the benefit of competition and the free market in the electricity sector.

 Stefano Donnaruma, CEO of TERNA SpA (Italy) This initiative, which is part of the TSO coordination projects for the safe management of the European electricity system, consolidates Terna’s strategic role in Europe and the Mediterranean. We currently have 26 interconnections with neighboring countries that contribute to make the Italian electricity system integrated with the European one in a safer, efficient and sustainable way. This new project strengthens cooperation between TSOs and promotes the energy transition taking place in Italy and in Europe. Terna is already focused on this issue: the new 2020 Development Plan provides over € 14 bln of investment for the national electricity grid and to further connect Italy with other countries, in line with the decarbonisation goals of the EU Green New Deal guidelines.

 Catalin Nitu, CEO of CNTEE Transelectrica SA (Romania) Improving energy security and cooperation at both organisational and technical level brings us one step closer to an energy-integrated Europe. This step is part of a normal and necessary evolution for regional energy security, in the light of the implementation of the common electricity market’s new model. I express my gratitude to our colleagues and partners who have consistently shown professional excellence and commitment to establish this security center.

 Angelin Nikolaev Tsachev, Chairman & CEO of ESO-EAD (Bulgaria) I welcome the establishment of RSC, as the result of fruitful negotiations between the parties which will secure the operation of the electricity systems. Its establishment comes in response to the challenges that TSOs are currently facing. Our joint work in the RSC will deepen the cooperation the TSOs towards the electricity market coupling in the region in the context of full liberalization and integration of the Western Balkans. The geographical connection of our countries requires our active cooperation for the harmonized operation of the European power system. I am convinced that the operation of the RSC will ensure the security of electricity supply. The services provided by the new RSC will contribute to the reliable exchange of data and information between TSOs and to the increase the efficiency of the electricity transmission networks.

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