Daniel Barciuc, newly appointed CEO of Siemens Romania

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Daniel Barciuc is, starting with 1st of April 2022, the new CEO of Siemens Romania, still fulfilling his previous role of Head of Digital Industries in Romania.

A graduate of the “Ovidius” University of Constanța, M.U.C. Specialization, Daniel Barciuc has built an impressive career in the field of oil and gas and industrial automation, occupying important management roles. With over 17 years of experience at Siemens, he has led Digital Industries team, consisting of professionals in sales, engineering, and automation projects, with outstanding results.

Based on these accomplishments, Daniel Barciuc is ready to lead Siemens Romania to a new stage of technology-focused company, empowering its customers to master their digital transformation and sustainability challenges.

„We live in a world where the interaction between people and technology is closer than ever before. Our role, as a solution provider, is to facilitate this interaction, so that technology is able to transform the everyday and adds quality to life, from transportation to production, to health and the spaces in which we live and work. And the biggest challenge is to achieve these goals in a sustainable way, with responsibility for the environment and the society.” –  Daniel Barciuc, CEO of Siemens Romania.

In this regard, Siemens is following four strategic priorities. First and foremost, the impact on customers: we anticipate what our customers need before they even know they need it. We also stimulate progress by empowering our customers, partners and employees. We build a growth mindset and, rather than make yesterday last, we are committed to building tomorrow – by learning and being open to change. And finally, we create technology with a purpose, which has been at the core of Siemens for more than 170 years and will remain at the center core of the future we’re building.

Innovation is the basis for our success, as a result of constant and considerable investment in research and development. For example, in fiscal year 2021, a budget of 4.9 billion euros was allocated and 42,500 employees were involved in this type of activity.

“A new area in which it is essential to be innovative is sustainability, both at the operational level and especially at the level of solutions available to our customers: from energy efficient technologies to software and models that rethink each stage of production or business processes.” added Daniel Barciuc.

Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) is a technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, transport, and healthcare. From more resource-efficient factories, resilient supply chains, and smarter buildings and grids, to cleaner and more comfortable transportation as well as advanced healthcare, the company creates technology with purpose adding real value for customers. By combining the real and the digital worlds, Siemens empowers its customers to transform their industries and markets, helping them to transform the everyday for billions of people. Siemens also owns a majority stake in the publicly listed company Siemens Healthineers, a globally leading medical technology provider shaping the future of healthcare. In addition, Siemens holds a minority stake in Siemens Energy, a global leader in the transmission and generation of electrical power. In fiscal 2021, which ended on September 30, 2021, the Siemens Group generated revenue of €62.3 billion and net income of €6.7 billion. As of September 30, 2021, the company had around 303,000 employees worldwide.

With a history of 116 years in Romania, Siemens is represented locally in most existing activities globally and operates 4 factories in Sibiu and Buziaș and 5 R&D centers in Bucharest, Brașov and Cluj-Napoca.

At the national level, there are approximately 2,300 employees at Siemens and one-third of them are working in digital jobs. These are specialists who are promoting existing solutions or provide technical support, or develop products for hardware, software, and engineering in the fields of energy, industry, medical imaging, mobility and smart infrastructure. They are joined by experts in IT services and solutions who develop web, mobile and SAP applications.

Siemens Digital Industries team provides automation projects and products on the local market as well as specialized training. Our digital solutions are offering the possibility to collect data and analyze it, so that manufacturers can streamline their production process.

Siemens Smart Infrastructure combines the real and digital worlds across energy systems, buildings, and industries, enhancing the way people live and work and significantly improving efficiency and sustainability.

„The most effective way to create a better future for people and society is to invest in education, which is why Siemens supports the training of students in university centers in the country to create the technologies of tomorrow. The company contributes to the endowment with equipment of the laboratories in the faculties, offers scholarships, supports specialized courses and provides internship programs for students and graduates.” – Daniel Barciuc.

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