Over 200 Customers of Enel become prosumers through the”Classic Green Home” program

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Prima Pagina English Over 200 Customers of Enel become prosumers through the”Classic Green Home” program

Following the „Classic Green Home” program implemented by Enel, prosumers benefit from energy efficiency and lower energy bills;

Photovoltaic systems installed by Enel will contribute to the reduction by 153,000 kg of greenhouse gases

A number of 218 individuals / individual homes benefit from photovoltaic systems installed by Enel, after enrolling in the „Classic Green Home” program. In addition to the advantage of producing most of the energy for their own needs, prosumers, depending on the surplus energy sold to the supplier and injected into the distribution grid, receive an amount that is discounted from the monthly energy bill.

The 218 prosumers generated a total amount of 115.5 MWh this year, enough for a TV to stay „On” uninterrupted for 33,571 days or 885 PCs for a year. For over 80% of the beneficiaries of these solutions have already been issued certificates for connection to the electricity grid.

The implemented photovoltaic systems will contribute to the reduction by 153,000 kg of greenhouse gases, the equivalent of a quantity produced by approximately 115 cars / year.

“Enel companies support prosumers through energy solutions adapted to their needs, in order to make energy consumption more efficient. By implementing these technologies, prosumers contribute to a cleaner environment and ensure their own sources of green energy. We expect the number of people who want to install photovoltaic systems to grow organically, without being limited to state subsidies, in order to benefit from the energy produced as close as possible to the place of consumption, with low CO2 emissions and at a lower cost of energy „, said Anamaria Marin, Head of B2C marketing service, Enel.

From September 2019, the companies Enel Energie and Enel Energie Muntenia are authorized by the Administration of the Environment Fund to participate in the program for installing photovoltaic panels for individuals, through which the state subsidizes with up to 20,000 lei, or 90%, the costs of installing a photovoltaic system of at least 3 kW.

Photovoltaic systems, which can be monitored using a computer or smartphone, include photovoltaic panels with an installed power of 3kW, a solar inverter with a similar power, a smart meter that measures the amount of energy produced.

In addition, Enel’s consultants also provide advice on accessing financing, prepare the technical project and documentation for obtaining approvals and authorizations, provide advice on obtaining the technical connection approval (ATR), certificates, approvals and authorizations, but also for connection and implementation of the system. More details are available here.

Along with the residential segment, the Enel group also develops energy efficiency projects in Romania for the business segment, through Enel X Romania: currently, the company has in its portfolio projects implemented for important companies in sectors such as food, retail, logistics centers, shopping centers and office buildings. In total, over 22,300 photovoltaic panels have been installed, which contributes to the reduction of approximately 3,700 tons / year of CO2 emissions. The installation of these energy production sources has led to savings of over 1 million euros for partner companies, by eliminating the costs associated with the transmission and distribution of energy, as well as the contributions for green certificates and cogeneration.

Enel Romania is one of the largest private investors in the energy field, with operations in the energy distribution and supply sector, as well as the production of energy from renewable sources and advanced energy solutions and services, present on the Romanian market since 2005. Enel has approximately 3,100 employees in Romania and offers services to a number of approximately 3 million customers. E-Distribution companies operate networks with a total length of approximately 130,000 kilometers in three important areas of the country: South Muntenia (including Bucharest), Banat and Dobrogea, covering a third of the local distribution market, and are developing an investment program to improve the quality of services, the safety and performance of the grids and the local implementation of the environmental standards of the Enel group. Enel Energie and Enel Energie Muntenia are the main energy suppliers in the country, and their offer includes both electricity and natural gas, as well as home assistance services. Enel Green Power Romania is one of the largest producers of renewable energy in the country, with an installed capacity of 534 MW through the 12 wind and photovoltaic installations located in Dobrogea, Banat, Oltenia and Muntenia. Enel X Romania is part of Enel X, Enel’s global business line dedicated to the development of innovative products and digital solutions in sectors where energy has the greatest potential for transformation: cities, homes, industries and electric mobility.

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